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Hello everyone!!

I'm proud to announce that, after a deep and thoughtful discussion among the contributors of #Custom-Linux group, we agreed to introduce three new folders for the group gallery.
These two folders are, respectively, Conky folder, Mockup folder, and Covergloobus folder. They're thought to be an expansion of the current available folders, in order to better organize submission & deviations, and to ease the process of browsing the gallery.

The number of available folders thus increases to 14. Here's a brief description of them (just to recall their respective role):

  • Featured → Only the best artwork is here!!
  • Wallpapers → Unbranded general wallpapers.
  • Linux Wallpapers → Wallpapers promoting distributions, desktop environments, open source apps or FOSS ideals.
  • GNOME themes → GTK themes for Gnome2 and Gnome3, Metacity and Emerald themes.
  • GNOME-SHELL themes → Themes specifically designed for the new wm made by GNOME.
  • Themes →Themes for other DE (for example KDE, Openbox, Pkwm, IceWm, E17 etc.), but also Docks, Cursors, Conky, DockBarX, Browsers etc.
  • Icon Themes → "Complete" icon themes.
  • Icons → Dock icons, Single icons, incomplete themes etc.
  • Conky Themes → Themes for Conky, the well known lightweight system monitor.
  • Covergloobus Themes → Themes for Covergloobus, desktop widget for displaying cover art of the currently playing song.
  • Screenshots → Please provide names and/or links for the items in your screenshots.
  • Mockups → I think you will understand what goes there.
  • Miscellaneous → Whatever doesn't belong in any of the other folders, but could be useful for creating or enhancing Linux customization items: Splash screens, logos and Linux related stock etc.
  • Contest → Folder related to the contest that took place the last year in order to choose the group logo.

Big thanks to luigisalvati :iconlgsalvati: , who managed the process of moving old deviations to the new folders. For this reason, and also for his restlessy efforts in helping managing this group and contributing to the linux customization world, I've decided to upgrade him to the role of co-founder!! Congrats!!

Btw I strongly suggest to visit his gallery, it's simply stunning :)


Merry merry Christmas to all our members, watchers, friends, and linux users from all over the world! And for who doesn't celebrate Christmas, happy holidays and a happy new year!

I really want to thank all the members, contributors and everyone who helps to keep this great group alive. I sincerely wish you the best from the year to come :)

Felicitations from santa :iconsantaclause: and the Christmas tux :iconcustom-linux: !!!
Incredibly, these two days led to a significant turnaround about the fate of the contest. Despite the significant spread between LaGaDesk's logo and all the others, from my last journal entry there was a great surprise!!!

So, I'm proud to present the new official Custom-Linux logo:

Custom-Linux Dark Logo by theRealPadster by :icontherealpadster:…

I'm very sorry for Lars (for who doesn't know him, it's LaGaDesk), I personally liked your logo!! Anyway, you can always win back in the next contest :)
Thanks to all of the members who created these great designs, and congrats to theRealPadster!! :)

This is the final ranking:

  • Custom-Linux Dark Logo by theRealPadster -> 11 votes
  • Custom Linux by LaGaDesk -> 9 votes
  • Custom-Linux Logo by theRealPadster -> 6 votes
  • Custom-Linux Logo by alecive -> 3 votes
  • Logo Test by iacoporosso -> 1 vote
  • Custom Linux Avatar by eldurotuti -> 1 vote
  • New more rounded Custom Linux Logo by eldurotuti -> 0 votes
  • Custom Linux Avatar 2 by eldurotuti -> 0 votes
  • Custom Linux Avatar 2.1 by eldurotuti -> 0 votes
As announced in the last journal entry, avatar contest will close in only two days (ie Monday 12 December at 24:00). In these two days, I'd like you to actively participate in this contest, and to show how any member of our little community can help improving the group with a simple and easy action. So go to our Contest Gallery… , take a look at the logos mockup, and :+fav: the one you like more! It's a little effort for a great goal!!

For the sake of completeness, this is the current ranking (from the lowest to the highest):

  • Logo Test by iacoporosso -> 1 vote
  • Custom Linux Avatar by eldurotuti -> 1 vote
  • Custom-Linux Logo by alecive -> 3 votes
  • Custom-Linux Logo by theRealPadster -> 6 votes
  • Custom-Linux Dark Logo by theRealPadster -> 7 votes
  • Custom Linux by LaGaDesk -> 8 votes

Thanks to all those who wish to participate.

As announced in the last journal entry, avatar contest was closed days ago . In the spirit of community, I'd like you to choose which of the entries will represent our group going forward. Please have a look at all the submissions and :+fav: the one you like the most. The one with the most :+fav:'s on Monday 12 December will replace the current one.

The choice is practically done (since Lagadesk logo is starting with 6 :+fav:!!!), but I'd like you to actively participate to this contest since I'd like to see how community could help in improving this group. So please take a look on our Contest gallery, and :+fav: the best logo!

For lazy guys, here is the direct link:…

To energize the interest of the community, I'll cooperate to this, changing the group logo with one of the logos available from the contest every three days, starting from now.

And now, just a couple of reminders:

1. Any submission is subject to vote, so there's the possibility that a submission could be declined. We do not judge the artistic quality of screenshots other than to ensure they do not promote or depict racism, sexism, violence, etc. The only guideline we follow is related to denying artworks that doesn't have any kind of innovation or something that deserves to be seen. Thank you for your cooperation.

2. Any screenshot submissions should contain the names of the items featured in the shot or links to the items in the description. As this is a customization group, we'd like everyone to be able to replicate your master piece if they so desire. If your screenshot is declined, it will most likely be due to not complying with this guide line.

3. We've had to decline a large amount of submissions lately and felt it necessary to remind everyone that submissions to the wrong folder will be rejected, and any sumbission found in the wrong gallery will be erased from the group. There are submission guidelines on the group's home page and if anything is unclear, just leave a comment and someone will help you in 24 hours or less. There is nothing wrong with not knowing the submission process, but a total lack of effort can and will not be tolerated. For all those taking the time to submit to the correct folders. Thank you. You are all responsible for making this group the success it has been. Suggestions on anything related to the group are welcome as always.


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